Soda City Arcade and Pinball Tournament

Arcade & Game Room

Join us this year for our newest attraction, a free play arcade! We’ve teamed up with our friends at Carolina Game Lab to bring you over 20 pinball and arcade machines, all set on free play - no quarters necessary! That’s right, entrance to the arcade is included with your admission to Comic Con, so you can come play as much as you want. While you’re there, check out our pinball tournament. All ages and skill levels are welcome and we have over $200 in prizes for the winners!

Pinball Tournament Details

Who can enter: All ages and skill levels welcome
Cost: $10 (requires separate fee apart from convention entry)
Times: Qualifying is Saturday from 11-4:30; Finals is Sunday at 12:00pm

Pingolf Qualifying - 9 hole course

Players go through the course and have 3 balls to attempt to reach target scores on each game. When they achieve the score, they get the number of points equal to the balls it took them. For example, if they reach the target score on ball one, they score a hole-in-one. If after 3 balls they have not reached the target score, they receive a 1 stroke penalty and get a 4 for that hole. Finalists will be chosen by the lowest number of strokes per the course. Ties will be broken by the number of hole-in-ones and then number of hole-in-twos.

Practice begins at 10:00am, with competition beginning at 11:00am. Players start the course at any time before 4:30pm. No tee offs will be allowed after this cut off.

Number of finalists will be determined by the number of players in the competition, with at least 10% and no greater than 50% of competitors qualifying.

Finals Format - 3 strike, head to head tournament

Finalists will play the head to head rounds best of 1. First round will be paired in a slaughter fashion (Example in the first round, top seed plays the bottom seed, and so on.) Subsequent rounds will be swiss pairing (players with a similar number of strikes will play one another.) Higher seed gets choice of game or position. If a game has already been chosen by another pair, another game must be picked. Loser of the match receives 1 strike. Once a player receives 3 strikes he/she will be eliminated from the tournament.

Practice begins at 11:00am on Sunday, with finals play starting at 12:00pm.


- Top 4 players will receive a portion of the prize pot as well as a trophy. (Combination of entry fees/sponsorships/donations). All players qualifying for finals will win back their entry fee ($10). Other prizes may be given depending upon sponsorships.

Prize split will be 50/25/15/10% of the pot minus expenses.

Bring a Game

Free entry into Comic Con as well as 1 free tournament entry. *The game must be in good working condition and stay for the entirety of the event. If someone chooses to pick up their game early, entry fee for both Comic Con and the tournament will be expected.

Tournament Sponsors

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